Glimmers of hope for mining finance were apparent at the Cape Town Mining Indaba this year. Not to over state it, but at least there have been financing windows for some larger producers and over time, those should extend towards earlier stage companies and higher risk markets. This year, investors were prepared to take meetings and listen to early stage companies and yes, this is progress after such a bleak investment climate in the sector.

Attendance was down by some estimates as much as half this year.  This might be attributed to any number of factors.  Registration price is high.  Most people continue to meet outside the conference in more pleasant environs. The trade floor is relatively small and exhibitors tend to be service suppliers and government types rather than mining companies.  Two exploration companies who invested in a booth were Australians Peninsula Energy (PEN:ASX) and Peak Resources (PEK:ASX).

Next stop, Toronto for the mammoth PDAC in March.

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