Two Tales Greenland

Shout YOUR passions from the top of the world – what a cool campaign!  Two Tales builds it’s brand on Passion. Good luck to Jan and the team!


Every passionate climber will tell you that reaching the top of a mountain is only part of an expedition’s goal. While it’s an intense exercise of will-power and strength, each inch of commitment is rewarded tenfold, and it’s in the most unusual places that one can find some of the most glorious experiences climbing has to offer.

With this thought in mind, our climbers start the Greenland expedition.Ulamertosuaq – a towering 1843m tall wall of granite – is located in the southern coastal region of Greenland. While it is covered in darkness and cold for most of the year, there’s a window of warmth that invades the area during the polar summer.

For 5 days, they fight the climb of the grandiose granite wall and they will not stop until they are left conquerors.

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