In September 2013, the Government of Albania introduced a comprehensive hydrocarbon marking program for both refined fuels and crude oil to curb and stop theft and adulteration of fuels using PetromarkTM. As reported in the Albanian press, Albania’s General Director of Customs released a report that indicated that the national retail fuel consumption increased by 20% in official marketed volumes in September 2014 compared to September 2013, representing an approximate increase in tax revenues for that month of US$11 million.  Official press release.

This increase in tax revenue is based only on the marking of refined fuels. These results were achieved even though the Albanian Government has yet to fully implement the monitoring and enforcement aspect of the project. The full project will be inclusive of crude oil marking as well, which would add approximately 1.5 billion litres annually for a total project size of approximately 2.2 billion litres. Under the terms of the contract, monitoring and enforcement services are to be provided by the Albanian Government.

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